Friday, October 09, 2009

Connor Sebastian

Connor was originally scheduled to make his grand appearance on September 28Th via C-section. Carol and I planned on driving down to our home in Panama City Beach on the 20Th to await his arrival. We were planning on driving Carol's convertible. We would have a week to set up the house before we went to Tallahassee for the birth. Carol would stay with her daughter to help out and I would find my way back to Rhode Island to close up the home there and drive my van down loaded with "needed stuff".

Connor had his own agenda and was born on September 18Th. We left for Florida the following day. The picture above was taken the 21st. We stopped to see the new grandson for a short visit before going to Panama City Beach for the night. The next day we drove back to Tallahassee and I picked up a rental car and we went to Connor's. Carol stayed and I went back to the house packed up and left on Wednesday morning. I stopped for two nights at my old Navy pal's home in Pembroke, GA before the drive to Rhode Island.

While I was home in RI, I managed to see all my children, grandchildren and my mother. I also went to lunch with my sister-in-law and her husband. While home I contacted several real estate agencies and received proposals about selling the house there. I made a decision to make the final decision by January so that the one I pick can list my house in early spring.

I began the last drive down the coast until next spring on Monday the 6Th. I split the 1447 mile drive over two days with 730 miles the first day and 717 the second. The first day is the most stressful crossing over the Hudson River in NYC. I opted for the Cross Bronx Expressway and the George Washington Bridge. It is the most direct way and the way I prefer. It was a bit congested but good for NYC . I do however avoid Washington DC and the beltway, choosing to drive down the Delmarva on route 13 over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel - my favorite bridge.

So Carol and I are situated in our home here. We have had a busy few days ordering some new furniture, arranging for cable and Internet and home delivery of the local newspaper. Our most interesting purchase was that we each bought 7 speed bicycles Wednesday. More on that subject to be continued.

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