Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You never forget how

It is said that once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget. I arrived at the house in Panama City Beach last Tuesday, October 6Th. Before we left Rhode Island we determined that we would buy bikes. We went to a bike shop in town (Panama City) and started looking. Steve a retired Air Force veteran helped and started our education. I did not want a bike with more speeds that I had fingers. I wanted a fairly soft seat and not one of those narrow damn seats either. After looking at several brands I settled on a Fuji 7 speed that has a longer wheelbase than the other bikes. Steve explained that the pedals and therefore my feet would be ahead of my butt and create less strain on my knees. OK, I'll buy that. Then he said lets take it outside and test ride it. I explained that I did not want to embarrass myself by falling on my ass. He said once you learn how to ride you never forget. I was shaky at first but several times around and my confidence grew. The seat was adjusted and I was sure the mint color was for me. Carol rode several different brands. Carol and I wanted lunch and Steve said he would build a blue Fuji for me to see the other color choice. While we were at lunch I asked Carol which bike she was leaning towards. We agreed that it did not matter if we both got the same color as she also liked the mint. When we got back Carol rode the blue Fuji, and a maroon Raleigh, and one other. She finally settled on a blue Fuji.

Here they are in the driveway. Carol and I started early morning rides the following day. We have added distance and time each day. I can feel my legs gaining strength. I was concerned that my left knee would be a problem as it sometimes buckles when climbing stairs. It is the right knee that aches. The weather has been hot and very humid for this time of year. Even the natives are complaining. We have watched several great sunrises as we ride early morning,

Carol is coming down our street at the end of the morning ride. I asked her to circle the block while I got my camera. She then took my picture with my bike.

I am quite happy with my purchase. I will be hanging in there getting in better shape. There are a few bike trails, but not near our house. Unfortunately, my van cannot accommodate a rear mounted bike rack because of the wind deflector above the rear window. I would have to have a trailer hitch with an inch and a quarter opening installed by U haul and then buy the rack that would fit in the opening. We could put one on Carol's car far less expensively but we want to bring them back to Rhode Island in the spring. Time will tell.

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