Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Newport Mansions

I had promised Carol that we would tour at least one mansion before we leave for Florida. I had her research Newport Mansions on the internet and her first choice was Kingscote because of the architecture. She loves all the gingerbread and turrets on a house. So yesterday we set off to Newport. We went over the Jamestown and Newport bridges. It gave me an opportunity to test out the new Fastlane transponder recently acquired from Massachusetts. Our first stop was Carol's choice - Kingscote. At the visitor center, the man behind the desk sold me on buying a group ticket for 5 mansions. There is no end date. Inside photography is prohibited. There was another couple from Key West, FL on the tour. One of them took the picture below. Carol and I have Key West on out bucket list and I asked for advice about best time to go, etc. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable but soft spoken. We enjoyed the tour took several pictures of the grounds and as it was too early for lunch and because we had more tickets we went off to Marble House.

Marble House was definitely more crowded. On arrival at the main entrance, we were given a headset and a unit for a self guided tour. Really neat. The interior decorations of Marble House are a tribute to unrestrained wealth. We took a little more than an hour to complete the tour. The pace on the tape player was perfect for us. Naturally the tour ended at the gift shop. I purchased some postcards and Carol added to her magnet collection. On the way out there was a poster touting lunch in the Chinese Tea House located on the grounds.

We were ready for lunch and decided to give it a try. The menu consisted of several ready made cold sandwiches and one salad choice. We each picked a sandwich and a drink along with a bag of chips. All the doors were open and a nice sea breeze wafted throughout the building. We sat at a small table. We were both thirsty, hungry, and a little bit tired.

After lunch we strolled on the grounds snapping some pictures. The white building in the distance is part of Salve Regina College.

We called it a day went back to the car and headed home. I took a different route home from Newport. Carol and I will return one more time before we leave Rhode Island. However, it will be after Labor Day when the tourists leave.

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