Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mighty 8th Air Force Museum

Recently I made three trips between Rhode Island and Florida. During one of those trips I stopped in Pembroke, Georgia and spent a couple of days with my good Navy buddy from years ago. We decided to visit the Mighty 8TH Air Force Museum. We had visited there in 2004 when a group of VA 36 Navy guys gathered in the Savannah area. Volunteers are currently restoring a B-17 from WW II and we went to see the progress and once again tour the museum. Above is the entry way from the museum to the grounds.

Below is the B-17 that is being restored by volunteers. It was quite an airplane in its time. The crews had to be cramped inside with guns, ammunition, bombs and electronics. These fliers were truly part of the greatest generation. I don't believe I could have been in the ball turret beneath the plane.

This is chapel that was build on the grounds and is a replica of the chapel that was near one of the Air Bases in England. Many of the crews would visit the chapels before and after missions. We were told that it is a popular site for local weddings.

The furniture inside the chapel came from a small southern church that was being demolished. The stain glass windows were done by a local artisan. The picture does not do them justice.

There are numerous plaques dedicated to the many crews that flew missions during WW II. Some to the crews that survived and many who did not. I chose this one as it reflects the reality that so many of the crews experienced.

The museum is very visible from I 95 and is well worth the side trip and a few hours of time.

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