Wednesday, August 12, 2009

4Town Farm

4Townfarm is located in Seekonk, Massachusetts which takes us about 20 minutes to drive to. My son introduced me to this farm years ago. Their produce is picked daily. Carol and I are big fans of the farm. We started cooking the beet greens just like we cooked the farm fresh spinach. Immediately we liked it as well as the spinach. Often the gal at the register would give us extra beet greens as some customers do not want them and request that the greens be cut off. Carol has done beets boiled and more recently pickled at my request. I will never be able to eat jar pickled beets again. Hers are so good.

Depending on the growing cycle, customers are allowed to pick their own. Today raspberries and flowers were available. This coming Saturday blueberries will be available for picking. Below is a picture of the raspberries and below that a view of the flowers.

We have tried a number of new (to us) vegetables. This was the first place that I ever saw yellow carrots. Added to the coleslaw mix of regular carrots, green and red cabbage, they add a certain sweetness to the coleslaw. It is a pleasant dish as I like coleslaw and I have yet to find a restaurant in the Northeast that does a decent coleslaw. Below is a picture of a Patti Pan squash. I slice the squash into half inch slices, a little olive oil, salt and fresh ground pepper and grill the slices until slightly soft. It has a unique taste and is a welcome change to the zucchini and yellow squash that I do on the grill. I also will grill asparagus that has been briefly marinated in olive oil and crushed garlic in oil.

I am waiting for the yellow watermelon to be ready. Another week or two. I first discovered this a couple of summers ago. It is very different looking from the red watermelon. It is sweet and juicy and very pleasant to eat. Of course we always buy the different varieties of lettuce, rare ripe onions, cucumbers, peppers, radishes and ears of corn for Carol. These fresh vegetables are a pleasant summer addition to our diet.
I believe that the 4 towns are Seekonk and Swansea in Massachusetts and Barrington and East Providence in Rhode Island.

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