Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hurricane Bill

This morning (8/22) Carol and I decided to drive down to the coast. Hurricane Bill is moving along a North by Northeast course along the Atlantic coast of the United states. The local Rhode Island weather forecasters have predicted heavier than normal surf conditions. This is to be the only affect of hurricane Bill for us. Our first destination was Point Judith which is also the location of the Point Judith Lighthouse located on the grounds of the Point Judith Coast Guard Station. This light remains an active aid to navigation. The grounds are open to the public for walking and viewing the light and the sea.

This area is a very popular spot for the local surfers even during normal conditions. As early as we were, we were happy to find a parking spot on the narrow median strip. All the lots were full. Conditions were overcast and patchy fog. Not especially great for photography. This is just a small sample of the number of surfers that were there this morning. As we drove off there were a number of cars, trucks, and SUV's heading in with surf boards tied to the vehicles.

We drove along the coast through Narragansett to our next destination, the Southern most point on Conanicut Island. The Beavertail Lighthouse is located on this point at the entrance of Narragansett Bay. If you look at an aerial map of this area you will see that this jut of land is shaped like a beavertail. This is a popular area for local fisherman to spent some peaceful hours hoping to catch supper. This light is still an active aid to Navigation.

Because of the rocky shoreline. there is no swimming or surfing. There is just no safe way to enter the water or to get out.

Ther were a considerable number of folks here this morning. In addition to those who came for the surf action, there were several families visiting the marine exhibit where some touching is allowed. There is also a Beavertail Lighthouse museum and gift shop avilable during the summer months.

This lady sat there for the longest time. Ocassionally the salt spray would fly over her.

Carol and I enjoyed our time watching the waves, taking pictures, enjoying the salt air and ocean breezes. We were back to North Providence in time to have a late breakfast (lunch) at a favorite restaurant.

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