Wednesday, June 10, 2009

214 Steps

Currituck Light

There are 214 steps to reach the walkway around the top of Currituck Lighthouse located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This light is the only unpainted brick light on the Outer Banks. The day that we arrived to view this light it was open for climbing. I had been here several times and this was the first time climbing was allowed. We were the last couple allowed to climb as the winds were gusting well over 40 knots. Surprisingly, the climb went very well. There are landings about every 12 feet. These allow climbers to pass those coming down. The stairwells are not very wide.

Once we arrived at the top, we were rewarded with an amazing view. The wind was awesome and a little bit un-nerving. When the gusts hit me, I needed to hold onto the railing to steady myself. Carol chose to stand in the doorway rather than step out into the wind. In one direction we could see the Atlantic Ocean slapping the beach with wind driven waves, another view was along the road towards Duck with all the homes. The view I liked best was of Currituck Sound and the Private club in the distance.

I have climbed several Lighthouse towers but Currituck Light is the highest one that I have climbed. We spent several days on the Outer Banks as we traveled North from our home in Florida to Rhode Island. We visited Bodie Island Light, Cape Hatteras Light and Oracoke Light. Those were not open for climbing.

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