Friday, June 19, 2009


Tiny is a five pound Chihuahua loaded with attitude. He is somewhere between 15 and 16 years of age. He was a rescue. My wife is a soft touch for Chihuahuas and has had many over the years. Tiny has been her "little guy" for about 14 years.

This morning Tiny knew that (in his mind) bad something was going to occur. You see, I took all his bedding out of his bed (crate) to be washed along with his favorite blanket. He likes to burrow into the blanket until it is like a cocoon with him buried inside it. Tiny has a fairly good vocabulary and when the B word (bath) was said he went and hid under the desk.

As you can see, Tiny is definitely not happy. He hates to be wet. He hates the rain. He has this down trodden look the whole time. He seems to know when he has the most lather, as that is the moment he chooses to shake soap suds all over us.

Ha! gotcha with the soap. No, he is not being choked. If his head stays still, he can't shake

If looks could kill, Carol and I would be dead. Even in his towel he is still irritated. He knows that the hair dryer is next followed by his ear drops and lastly another favorite, his breath spray.

The little prince is on his pillow. His coat looks shiny and healthy. It should, we use a medicated shampoo that comes from the vet's office. He is worth it. He provides Carol with unconditional love and he can be very amusing.

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