Thursday, June 11, 2009

Scenes from Palm Cove

Carol and I purchased a home in Palm Cove this past March. Palm Cove is a gated community, although I have never seen the gate lowered. I'm told that it is closed late evening. We are not a senior community. So there is a mixture of young and retired families and every thing in between.

Above is the entrance leading towards the gate. It is very pleasant and pleasing entrance to the community. In the distance is the gate house. There is a security guard at night. I have never seen him. Below is a better view of the gate house. At night it is lighted and the chandelier is very attractive.

The grounds are tastefully decorated and well manicured. Watering is done via three community wells and does not affect our already high water / sewer bill. Water is very dear here in Florida than it is in Rhode Island. The cost of electricity however, is lower so it may be a wash.

This is representative of the Palm trees located throughout the complex. This Palm is located on the corner of our street.

This Oleander shrub is across the street from our house.

I have no idea what this fern like thing that is just outside our front door. It is pretty and I hope to learn what it is.

This is our street here in Panama City Beach, Florida. As you can surmise, this last picture was taken on trash day. Trash is picked up twice a week.

Based on the short time that we have lived in the house, it is a very quiet neighborhood. Those neighbors that I have met seem friendly and nice. There are several transient young men and women on our street that are here on work visas. Based on their language I believe they are from former Soviet Bloc countries. They are quiet and shy. I have not been able to engage them in conversation. The most I can get is a soft "good morning" or a hello.

Finally the view as you leave.

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