Sunday, September 02, 2012

Frankenmuth Michigan

I mentioned that Frankenmuth was a quaint town with a heavy German influence to Joylene.  Frankenmuth is also the location of Bronners Christmas store. It may be the largest Christmas oriented store in the world. The decision was made to take time to visit first Bronners and then visit the village. Carol and I and Joylene's children arrived ahead of Darlene. Joylene is texting her sister to see when they would arrive.

While we waited, I took a picture of my granddaughter, Kyrsten on the grounds. Bronners has a Christmas light display that they light each evening throughout the year. The drive through the display is a little more than half a mile. Look closely at the background and you will see part of the display.

The next picture is of Connor, Kyrsten's brother. The sun was so bright and he kept squinting, that we decided that sunglasses were needed.

Darlene arrived and met us inside. We spent several hours shopping and browsing. Pictures are allowed, but I did not carry my camera inside. There is so much to see and and to keep track of everyone. I did go and have a snack in the cafeteria. Beau joined me and he had tea.

After Bronners, we drove into Frankenmuth proper and parked at the open air shops. We walked down the hill and decided to have lunch at The Bavarian Inn which could sit all 12 of us together.

The menu was heavily influenced by the German cuisine. there were burgers also which pleased several of us. I had a German sampler as did Beau. Pictured below is Joylene with Beau to her right. Darlene's daughter, Brooklin is to her left.

Darlene and son Aiden are pictured below.

After our lunch we strolled back towards the shops. We visited a leather shop and I bought a new belt. Pleased to say it is smaller than the one it replaced.

Below is Darlene's children. Left to right, Devon, Caitlin, Aiden (seated) Darlene and Brooklin. Darlene's oldest daughter Amber is married and living in Italy where her husband is stationed with the Air Force. Darlene's son Christopher was at home with his dad.

This picture was taken as we walked up the hill to browse the shops.

This picture was taken at the hotel when we returned from Frankenmuth. Joylene was leaving early the next morning to return to her home in Florida. Carol and I were staying another day before we would leave for Rhode Island.