Saturday, August 25, 2012

Darlene's RN Recognition

Our daughter recently graduated from a demanding "fast track" program resulting in her BS degree in Nursing. This was an intense program with minimal breaks over an almost three year period. A
failing grade on any course would result in being dismissed from the program.

 Darlene preferred that we attend the recognition ceremony in August rather than the university graduation last May. This would be a smaller more intimate ceremony. Darlene worked several part time jobs along with raising five children including one with special needs and still finished with a 3.3 average.

The fist picture is of the RN nursing graduates. We all stood asking the same question, "where is Darlene?"  We were sitting with Darlene's family, Joylene's (Darlene's twin) family, yet we did not pick her out of the RN group.

Darlene had just left the stage. Each nurse was presented with a red rose and they then gave the rose to the person who they deemed a  person who had contributed encouragement, praise and love during the program. Darlene was walking up the aisle looking very pensive. We had no idea who she was walking towards.

I took several pictures of Darlene after the ceremony was completed, This is my favorite. To me, she looks proud and pleased with her accomplishments. I think her face shows an inner peace and self satisfaction. Carol and I were so pleased for her and so very proud of her.

This was taken after Darlene changed into street clothes. She is pictured with her mom holding the rose that Darlene had given her during the ceremony. I remember the various calls to her mom when she would say that she would never make it or I can't learn this subject. Carol would listen and tell her she could and would do it. I also remember how excited she was when in her clinicals she was allowed to "catch" her first baby as it was born. We were excited for her at the time.

The following picture is of the cousins. The little man on the left is Joylene's son Connor. The little man on the right is Darlene's son Aiden. This was the first time that the two boys met and they became fast friends. I had to include their picture here.