Sunday, March 06, 2011

Our Dogs Pillo - Gizmo - Tiny

Pillo (pee-lo) is our newest addition. We acquired him last October when he was 2 months old. His parents were each 4.5 pounds and we expect (hope) he will not surpass that weight. Pillo pictured above is sleeping in the sun with one of his favorite toys. He is a bundle of energy and is usually involved in mischief. He playfully attacks Gizmo my Yorkie or he is running throughout the house with one of our socks or with one of Carol's skeins of yarn. He finally managed to jump high enough to get on the furniture. He managed to get a knitting needle and chewed the tip off. Carol remarked that he must have an amazing digestive system. He has the run of the house. He wants to play with Tiny our 17 year old chihuahua who tends to sleep a lot and has little patience for romping with a puppy.

I managed to catch Pillo and Gizmo sitting on my recliner when the sun was shining in the back sliding door. Pillo has several shirts as he is not yet 3 pounds and needs the added warmth. The red bib like thing around his neck is actually a harness for walking him. We tried a collar but he pulls on the leash and we are afraid he will hurt is trachea.

Carol has started teaching the "boys" tricks. Below Gizmo is playing dead. Pillo is waiting his turn as he and Gizmo each perform their repertoire. Tiny does not nor will he do tricks. He just gets his share of treats automatically. It has a lot to do with his seniority. Lately Carol can not do the routine while she recuperates from eye surgery. I tried to fill in but they have me pegged for a softy and I give them the treats without them really performing.

Carol ordered a doggy playpen recently. It gives us some relaxing time without worrying what mischief he is doing. We also plan on bringing it North as that house has stairs and a railing that he would easily fit under. He has a number of toys in the playpen and he will stay happily in there until he decides to howl his displeasure.

We can not imagine our home without him.

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