Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hat and Shoes

Earlier this week Carol and I went to the Silver Sands shopping center in Destin. It is a pleasant 40 mile drive from the house. I specifically wanted to find a small bottle with a cap. I have found a restaurant that makes a great cheeseburger, but they don't have vinegar for my fries. I also wanted socks from the Jockey store. We always have lunch at the Chao Italia restaurant. On the way there we saw the Sunshine shoe outlet. Carol wanted to try on the Vibron Five Toes shoes. We had a great lunch. Carol had meatballs and spaghetti and I had the chicken parm with spaghetti.

After lunch on the way back we stopped. While Carol was trying on the shoes , I wandered around the store and saw the Tilly hats. I am pictured below sporting my Tilly hat. The hat comes with a four page owners manual. It floats, repels rain and blocks UV rays. Best of all, its not made in China. It is made in Canada. Why would I want this hat. Well this winter (unfortunately) I have lost more hair than weight. I need to protect my head and face from the sun. I have had a thing removed from my nose a few years ago. Please note the shear curtain in the background. Carol made the drapes and the blackout behind the shear. She also created the same for the double window in the dining area. Those are palm trees on the shear. Very tropical Florida and I love the curtains. The blackout also helps to keep the house cooler in summer.

The shoes Carol bought are pictured below. Each toe has its own space. It does take Carol an extra minute or two to put them on. She tells me how comfortable and light they feel. She is planning on wearing them on our trip North in April. They look like they will be great for travel. They come in some wild colors but this is the pair that fit best.

There are socks that are made to be worn with these shoes. Carol asked me if I would be embarrassed to go out in public while she wears them. "Absolutely not" I said. I think they are great.

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