Saturday, March 26, 2011

Florida Division of Motor Vehicles

Now that my eyes are healed, I went to the Florida DMV to have the "lens correction required" removed from my license. Ordinarily I would dread the experience having been exposed to the Rhode Island DMV where a trip there can and usually does require hours. Not so here in Panama City Beach. I took my passport and went. I waited five minutes for a free clerk and soon found out that I needed more forms of identification. Either a passport (check) or a birth certificate. Then a social security card or a W2 /1099. Then two of the following, registration, deed or rental contract, or two current utility bills. I was told that the medicare card was not acceptable.

Home I went to dig out all the necessary documents. I told Carol that I was told that if we get pulled over with the restriction on the license and we could not prove we had lens implants, we could be restricted from driving the vehicle then and there. Carol immediately produced her passport and Social security card. I retrieved my 1099. We got our respective auto registrations. Now for the utility bills. When we bought the house, we put the electric bill in Carol's name as she had a history with the company and they waived the deposit. The water bill is in my name but I went paperless and have the total paid via a bank draft. No paperwork, good citizen. The cable bill was paid and shredded. I did have the HOA bill which had both our names on it.

So the next afternoon we headed to the local DMV office. As I went to take a number, we heard, I can help you. We passed our eye tests and produced the paperwork along with our licenses. Pictures were taken, fees paid and then we waited for the computer to kick out our new licenses. The longest part of the approximately 20 minutes total was spent waiting on the computer. Carol's license has "Safe Driver" printed on it. Mine does not. Apparently Virginia transmitted the speeding ticket to Florida.

We were soon on our way. Visiting the local Florida DMV office is a breeze.

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