Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

This is written the day after also known as "Black Friday". Yesterday we went to Carol's daughter's home in Tallahassee. Its about a 110 mile trip each way. Carol likes to get there early so as to have chat time with Joylene. We walked the dogs who cooperated by completing all of the duties hoped for. Tiny and Gizmo would be left home. They are quite loud and menacing if anyone comes to the door. Together they may weigh 11 pounds. Small but fearsome. Pillo comes with us. At three months he is not fully trained and not able to hold it for several hours. Besides, I thing Connor and Kyrsten are happier to see Pillo than us. Pillo is very good with them and showers them with kisses and attention. Connor at 14 months is so gentle with Pillo.

We managed to load the car with our contribution to dinner and the dog stuff and we were on the road before 8:30 AM. That is real good for us. November has been warmer than normal and we have had early morning fog lately. I was thankful that there was no fog. We live in the central time zone and they live in the eastern time zone. We always deal with the hour difference. I have to know whose time zone when they say dinner is at a certain time. I need to plan as I sometimes get woozy if I go too long without eating. I usually have a package or two of the Lance grilled cheese crackers in each vehicle. Yesterday we took the truck as its easier on my back than Carol's sporty convertible.

Our hosts had ordered a smoked turkey for the main course. They had mashed potatoes, a sweet potato souffle, string bean casserole made with home made cream of mushroom soup, cornbread stuffing, two kinds of cranberry sauce, gravy and Carol's candied sweet potatoes. We also brought Hawaiian rolls from the market. The candied sweets and string bean casserole were fantastic. The dark meat from the turkey was moist and tender. I also had a leg and that had the smokey taste. I enjoyed it. there were three homemade pies, pumpkin, apple and cherry along with a pumpkin custard. I skipped the sweet potato souffle as it had nuts. Needless to say, I did not leave hungry. In fact, I never ate another meal yesterday. I was not looking forward to the drive home on such a full stomach but I never did get drowsy.

Today it is 80 degrees in the city and a little less here on the beach. The weather is supposed to change overnight and we are fore casted to cool down to the high 60's or low 70's. We will see. They fore casted rain for today, but it is what we call "a chamber of commerce day". It is just beautiful.

I hope everyone had as nice a day yesterday, as I did.

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