Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lowe's and Home Depot - Big disappointment

I recently had a sliding door and storm door installed. (previous post) The process was not without difficultly caused by a lack of attention to detail by both stores. Granted I only dealt with the stores closest to me here in Panama City Beach.

First I went to the local Lowe's near me and bought a storm door for the front of the house. I paid in full and was told that I would be contacted by an installer in so many business days. I waited and waited and finally went to Lowe's and asked for my money back. They were so surprised no one had called. I pointed out that the door was probably in their inventory and someone should have been on top of their installers. I was assured that they would get right on it. I said I would go elsewhere.

My next stop was Home Depot which was also nearby. I picked out the storm door and also the slider. I figured I would go through this process once and be done with it. I paid the fee to have the installer measure the opening and then the "right" size doors would be ordered, delivered and installed. I asked how long it would be for someone to measure. I was again quoted the number of business days. I waited and waited. How I miss my northern contractor. The local contractor who has a good reputation was working three doors away. I asked him if he could do the job. Yes, was his answer. I told him if Home Depot did not call by Wednesday the job was his. On the Friday, I received a call from Home Depot asking me if anyone had come to the house. Don't you know, I asked. Apparently not. I told him I was going a different way and would come in for my deposit. The next Monday I went to Home Depot and saw the manager. She told me no wonder no one came the order was cancelled the day after the order was placed and a Home Depot gift card for the amount was created. I assured them I did not have it. The manager gave me a cash refund on the spot. It did leave me wondering who got the gift card - an honest error or???

My contractor and I went to Lowe's (his choice) and we picked everything out. The screen for the slider was ordered and would be delivered in 10 days. The contractor showed up on the agreed upon day and did a great job. The screen came in but Lowe's ordered the wrong one. Lowe's is now supposedly ordering the right screen. I have no faith in either company. The good news is I now have a contractor here who I trust and who does good work.


Jill said...

I know. I feel that way about my plumber. He's great, he knows this crazy house, and he's honest enough to tell me when it isn't an emergency and I should wait till tomorrow and save the off-hours charge. Priceless.

Princess Jibi said...

omg, once I ordered a stand up shower from home depot. The delivered it. When I came home from work and am opening the box to take a peek I noticed it was wrong. Called them and had them take it back. Ordered it again. Another 2 weeks as its special order the delivered another one. Came home from work opened it and it was wrong again. Called them the took it and again another 2 weeks later the brought another one. And this time my husband was home to make sure its correct.

the guy who delivered it came out to have a look at it and walked around it to see what really it was.

my husband asked him whats wrong? and he replied "Nothing really, just that 3 managers came out this morning to inspect this before I loaded it"