Sunday, August 08, 2010

Travels with Tiny and Gizmo



Carol had Tiny when I met her and last October I rescued Gizmo. I did try to get him to answer to a different name. He had none of that. Traveling around the country with the "boys" has been an experience. We have their beds, crates, food dishes and a water dish. Plus a bag with shampoos and assorted doggy needs. We need a cooler for Tiny's liquid thyroid medicine. He and I have a sluggish thyroid and we take the exact same medicine only mine is in pill form.

Not every motel is "pet friendly". La Quinta, Motel 6 and the Drury hotels all accept pets with no extra charge. Other hotels will accept pets with up charges ranging from a fee/pet to set charges. Most are $5 to $10 per pet and I have seen a place that had a one time fee of $75. We did not consider that hotel. AAA sells a book listing "pet friendly" hotels. As a member, I was a little upset that it was over $12. The Internet is also a source. Carol and I have met a lot of great people (almost all seniors) traveling with their pets.

During a recent July trip we either left the truck locked and running while we went to restrooms or sandwich shops for take out or we went one at a time. The truck has a button code on the door for unlocking. We met a very nice lady at a motel with a schnauzer. She said I leave it running and unlocked. Pity whoever tries to take the vehicle.

Tomorrow we are going on a day trip to Keene, NH to visit a favorite cousin. She has graciously also included our pets. In preparation, Carol bathed the dogs this morning. I have washed all the bedding and blankets and they are hung on the clothesline. We want them fresh and clean. Gizmo will not be allowed to run wild in my fenced yard today. We want him clean. Yorkies are little ratters and he seems happiest diving under bushes and plants and rooting in the earth. Later the crates will be put in the vehicle. At one time they slept in the crates at night. I bought them beds and now they mostly sleep in the beds. The beds will be put on the back seat tomorrow. Tiny sleeps mostly while we are riding. Gizmo likes to look out the window.

I can't imagine our life without them. They each have a distinct personality and they give us pleasure and they do amuse us.

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