Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Carol's Craft Bags

Carol supported her family as a self employed seamstress. Her main source of income came from local interior designers. Carol would tackle almost any project. Carol "retired" when we decided to become a couple. Now her former occupation has become mostly recreational. During the past winter she made the most beautiful drapes for the guest bedroom. A soft green with palm trees. Just perfect for Florida. This past year Carol taught herself to knit with some guidance from my daughter Jill. Carol bought a pattern for a craft bag. She made one for herself and one for Jill. Below is Carol's craft bag used for her knitting. There are pockets inside and out.

When Carol gave the bag to Jill, her eldest, Lilia, exclaimed how much she liked the bag. So Carol decided to make a smaller bag for Lilia. Carol also said that Sylvie (3 years old) would also have a bag. Sylvie has become quite attached to Carol and Carol to her. Carol decided to design a version of the craft bag for the girls. Both bags have pockets on the outside and inside. Naturally the bigger bag below is Lilia's and the other is for Sylvie.

Carol has now moved on to her next project. She has decided that quilting will be the next new challenge. Last week we went to two quilting fabric stores for the supplies. Her initial comment was "I thought it would be easier to pick out fabric". Some day I will post the end result.

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