Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Panama City Beach - Additions

Carol and I left Panama City Beach the third week in May for our Rhode Island home. The following two projects were still in the process of construction. The below "Wonder Works" upside down building houses another attraction aimed at the tourists dollar. It is across the street from "Ripley's Museum" housed in a replica of the sinking Titanic, a totally obnoxious building.

I found the on going construction of this building fascinating. The crews worked 7 days a week in order to complete the building prior to the summer season. We drove by the site almost every day this past winter. We had seen a picture of what the front would look like. I have to admit that the finish product is quite striking and I find it attractive to the eye. Judging by the parking lot, business is good. I am curious, but I will wait until our return in the fall to visit there.

The second building is our new Panama City Beach library. The library was almost complete when we left. In fact they had started moving the book collection as we were leaving. We have visited the library and updated our library cards. The inside is very nice and well laid out. There is about a dozen PC's with Internet connections. The day we visited the stations were all in use by young adults looking for job openings. Carol has decided to learn quilting and she borrowed two books on the subject. I donated a hard cove mystery novel that I purchased new and read. It was an OK story but not one that I would want to reread. We have since returned a second time to borrow two movies. It was not worth activating our cable TV or Internet for two weeks.
Following is our new library.

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Jill said...

That's a beautiful library. I love a public library, as Amy says, any book you want and all for free. I remember your teaching me to use the card catalog at PPL. And teaching me to go up to the tall scary desk in the reference section and ask a librarian for help. They were always nice. What kind of attraction is the upside down building?