Monday, July 26, 2010

Grilled Salmon

This morning as we lay in bed, I asked Carol what would you like for supper. After some thinking, she said "grilled salmon'. OK, I replied we will go to the local fish market and buy salmon. On the way there she said she might like to try halibut. Once at the counter, I asked about halibut. There was none and when the Boston Fish Market has it, it is at least $15.00 a pound. He explained about the over fishing and the fact that it is so good there is a big demand. I asked about Chilean sea bass and was told it sometimes runs over $20.00 a pound when he can get it. We decided we would buy the salmon.

I at one time was a charcoal only guy. For years I did the grilling on charcoal. A few years ago when I needed to cook quickly and I could not find a replacement grill, I bought a gas grill. At the time I was having my lower level redone from scratch. I had all of the craftsmen here and I decided to have a natural gas line installed on my deck. This eliminated the need for bottles. So for the last four years I have been using a gas grill. I bought Bobby Flays book among several others and used the Internet for tips.

I think I have the grilling pretty well down now. Occasionally I will mess something up. Grilled sweet potatoes comes to mind. They were like lumps of charcoal and so hard they were immediately discarded. The next time was much better.

Tonight the grilled salmon was served with grilled summer squash along with a side salad and buttered steamed carrots. Salmon is a delicate fish so I don't mess with it, turning it over just once. Hence only one set of grill marks. Carol said the plate was picture perfect.

Here was our main course.

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