Thursday, January 07, 2010

Florida frost and black ice

The Florida Panhandle is experiencing abnormal extended winter chill along with the major part of the country. Our temperatures are running 20+ degrees below normal. I realize the vast majority of the northern states have no sympathy for us.

This morning I went out to walk my dog and the first thing I noticed was the frost covering my car and the frost on the grass shining in the early morning sun. The early morning commuters and joggers are complaining of the black ice. Most of the median strips have underground sprinkler systems. When the local public works department fail to shut the automatic timers off the water spray covers part of the road and freezes during the early morning hours. The same thing happens when the home owner fails to shut their home system off and the sidewalks become icy from the spray that freezes.

We are expecting precipitation tonight and the local weather man says we have the possibility to see some freezing rain. I feel for the farmers. They are rushing to harvest the strawberries and tomatoes. The citrus crop is almost completely picked. But they still must protect their trees.

The weather forecaster is predicting a colder than normal January. I skipped my New years day ocean swim and have not even considered a swim this year.

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