Friday, April 06, 2007


Stephan is my closest neighbor's grandson. He is one of Jerry's MD kids. Stephan's most remarkable trait is his personality. Stephan is always smiling and happy. He has been in a wheel chair for at least half of his 14 years. His spine started growing with a curve and it was pressing on his lungs. On Tuesday, Stephan endured a 14 hour operation to straighten his spine. Over 40 screws were used to complete the straighting of his spine along with materials to support the spine. He was able to wiggle his toes and move his arms shortly after he awoke. This is a good sign that no inadvertent damage was done during the surgery. The problem is that they are having difficulty controlling his blood pressure as it keeps dropping. Until they can stabilize the blood pressure, Stephan can not have any pain killers. His grandmother tells me that he is still good natured and has not complained about the pain. The hospital staff is amazed at how he is handling the pain that he most certainly experiencing.

Stephan is in our thoughts and prayers.

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