Sunday, April 29, 2007

Poached Eggs ... EGAD

Marie continues to receive distressing news. The breast cancer has now metastasized to several locations on her spine. Fortunately the spinal cord is not affected. This was communicated to us last Friday. This morning I believe the enormity of the situation affected her normally high spirits. She lay in bed in a "woe is me" state for awhile before getting up. I feel she is allowed her "weepy" days.

Shortly after getting up, while she was sipping her tea, she asked if I could make two poached eggs. I, of course, said sure. He who never made or ate a poached egg in his life. Let me start by relating my history with eggs. I'm sure my mother would have made me any type of egg to entice me to eat. I was a very picky eater and always under weight. In my 18th year, I dropped out of Engineering College to join the Navy. The Navy did not care if I was a picky eater. I soon learned to eat the eggs presented as long as they were warm and looked cooked. Shortly after our return from our honeymoon, Marie was making breakfast when she moaned "oh no". Whats wrong... the egg broke. I told her cook it, I'll eat it. The Navy cook never cared if my eggs were broken. Years later, Marie had taken a part time job, and I was cooking eggs and bacon for the children. Well, I cooked the eggs in the bacon grease (only one pan to wash). The kids in a loud voice exclaimed that Mom never makes "dirty eggs". I think I gave them a flip remark that they could eat or go hungry. No kid ever starves to death in a house with food. Every so often I still hear a comment about dirty eggs.

I asked Marie for some guidance. How much of a rolling boil, about how many minutes? I wish to report that Marie said they were good and within 30 seconds of being perfect. I carefully observed the water and the stove setting along with the timer. I'm sure they will be perfect next time. Now I'll have to work on the technique of getting them to slide out of the little cup. The eggs ended upside down. Along with a slice of toast, Marie had a good sized breakfast for her. With a full stomach and a hot shower, her positive attitude and good spirits are back.

We are determined to stick with the program. We have our sights set on at least a couple of weeks in Florida next January.

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Jill said...

Poached eggs are not easy. I'm very impressed. And thank you for doing whatever it takes to make Mom happy. It isn't going unnoticed. Love you both,