Friday, April 27, 2007

Ahh Spring

Spring in New England can be a great time of year. The yard comes alive with the flowers that signify that winter is behind us. Spring has been a hard get this year. It was colder on Easter Sunday than it was on last Christmas day. Recently we have had a few days of decent weather. The crocus have blossomed along with the daffodils. The forsythia has turned a beautiful shade of yellow. The Lilacs have begun to sprout buds and the white lilac will be very full this year.

More importantly, Marie is feeling better. She started the new chemo April 10Th. This seems to have been a positive measure in her ongoing battle with metathesized breast cancer. She looks much better than she did 5 weeks ago and her appetite has shown a little improvement. She needs to start gaining some weight. She has always been thin, but the loss of 22 pounds has been a major concern. A good sign is that she is starting to request certain foods.

With the advent of warmer weather, I have uncovered the gas grill on the deck. I have been grilling almost every evening varying the menu selection to entice her to eat more. Her spirits remain positive and today we told the Oncologists that we are hoping for 3 or 4 weeks off from the weekly treatments next January. We may never get to spend the entire winter in Florida again, but several weeks in January would break up winter nicely. So hope springs eternal and we are hanging our hat on that objective.

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