Friday, January 05, 2007

Up Jumped the Devil

The plan was to use this blog to describe the travels on the Florida Panhandle this winter. Marie and I have spent the last two winters in Panama City Beach. The panhandle is full of interesting places to visit and explore. December was busy with preparing linens and bath towels for travel, favorite cooking utensils were put aside. The condo comes equipped with those but we prefer our own. The beach towels (not provided) were washed and folded ready for packing. I recently purchases a honda mini van to carry all the "stuff" marie needs to be happy there. Check lists were complete for closing up the house, suspending Cox services and insurance on the vehicle that would be stored. The U S mail forwarding card was ready for submission. December is also a very busy doctor / dentist month. Marie fought breast cancer three years ago and she has major checkups in June and December. Long story short her liver function was abnormal. This triggered a cavity scan with contrast. The breast cancer metastasized to the lymph nodes in her chest and to her liver. Yet her breasts are clear. These results triggered a "mugger" test to insure that her heart is healthy and a brain scan with contrast. Some good news, the brain scan is fine and the heart is healthy. Marie's Oncology doctor wanted the treatments to be done here at least for a while so he can monitor the progress. This news did put a damper on Christmas and we did the best we could not to let it affect our grandchildren.

January 2nd Marie had her first weekly treatment. She is infused with two drugs. One is Herceptin and the second is Navelbine. All in all it was not very bad. The first time Herceptin causes muscel and joint pain to the point she could not get to bed without help the first night. We are told that this side effect will diminish to nothing over time. We are not without positives. We have been told that next winter we can go to Florida and have the treatments there. We may be able to scoot for a couple of weeks in march or April. I am checking condo rentals on the Outer Banks. We will also be here for the birth of grandchild number 8 in late February.

We are fortunate in that we have a caring family praying for Marie and I have a close circle of Navy buddies who are praying hard also.

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amy said...

I was wondering if you'd use your blog to keep your far-flung friends updated on Mom.
You also have a family willing to HELP. Not that praying isn't helping. Just, you know, buying groceries or cooking or keeping Mom company during treatments could also be helpful.
(Aren't I a persistent pain in the ass?)
And you don't need to keep up appearances on behalf of the grandchildren. Not the Hood ones, anyway. My sensitive, curious, loving Vaughan is full of questions and ready to be careful and will love Grandmarie regardless of how tired or sick-looking she may become. He got a free teaser magazine that included information on blood, and he saw the exact cells (and what they do) that will decrease during treatment and he understands perfectly why Grandmarie has to be careful.
Anyway. We all love you.