Monday, January 08, 2007

Mastering The Supermarket

Years ago my wife had bleeding ulcers and I was pressed into doing the food shopping. Marie created the list and off I went with my first two children. The oldest was about 7. I started with the first item and dutifully searched for it and added it to the basket. After repeating this process several times, Jill pointed out to me that Mom goes up one aisle and then the next crossing off the items as they were added to the basket. I smartly replied that mom made the list this way for a reason and this was the way I would get them. Once home my methods were conveyed to Marie and she had a good laugh. For the next several weeks she created the list by aisle for me.

Once again I am now the main forager in the local supermarket as Marie endures another round of chemo. So having retired from the Information Processing field I would apply logic and technology to the task. I acquired a listing from the market and loaded all the items that we normally purchase into my PC with the aisle number. I then sorted this information alphabetically within ascending aisle number. This morning I sat with Marie made the list of needed items by aisle number and off I went. I was a making quick work of shopping, even helping another gentleman with the aisle number of his needed item. I recognized the look on his face as he tried to read the overhead signs.

I always use the automated scanner to checkout having figured out how to use the produce look up table. Swipe my credit card and out the door without having to talk to anyone.

Now this is the way to shop.

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amy said...

When the babies were new, Chris would do the marketing while on the cell phone with me. I arrange my shopping list by section (produce, dairy, bakery, aisles, etc). Not too long ago in Whole Foods, I saw two men bumbling around, one of them on a cell phone, in the baby aisle. "New baby?" I asked. His friend nodded. "My husband used to shop the same way," I said, pointing to the cell phone. Isn't technology great for you men?