Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sakonnet Lighthouse

I have been thinking about viewing the Sakonnet Lighthouse for sometime. One would think that with a state as small as Rhode Island, I would have been everywhere, especially when I spent all those Sunday mornings wandering around aimlessly on my motorcycle. Nevertheless I had never been there. I did my research on my favorite lighthouse site and Marie and I set out this morning. It was a lovely day, bright sunshine and blue skies. I recommended heavy jackets as the ocean breeze can be very brisk this time of year. The easiest way to get there is to go into Massachusettes through Fall River and take route 24 towards Newport. We took exit 6 (Fish Road) and eventually connected to route 77. This quaint country road wound us along towards Sakonnet Point. Along the way we were able to see beautiful country stone walls, grand old homes and occasionly, views of the Sakonnet River. We drove by the restaurant where our oldest daughter was married and where the reception was held. We passed by a couple of small villages and finally arrived at the very end of the road. I parked along side the massive stone wall and ignored the "no parking" signs.

As we passed throught the wrought iron gate, I read the sign that announced that we were not welcome and we were trespassing on this private beach. I will add that Marie collects rocks. We have rocks from up and down the east coast, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Cape Bretton, most of the Great Lakes, assorted river beds, Yellowstone and from the Crazy Horse museum. This beach was filled with rocks of all sizes, shapes, colors and they were so smooth. A lady from Connecticut was carefully selecting rocks for a dry riverbed she hoped to construct on her property. Marie began her search for the chosen few while I snapped pictures of the lighthouse. I have to admit that these rocks were beautiful so I took about 6 small stones also.

A lengthy description of the Sakonnet Light is available on the web site mentioned above. I will give a brief history. Funded in 1882, the light was lit November 1, 1884. It is a cylindrical cast iron tower that sits atop a concret filled cast iron caisson. It was damaged during the 1938 hurricane and was repaired. The 1954 hurricane severely damaged the light and some discussion began concerning tearing it down. The local townspeople raised money and it was eventually restored and remains in private hands. It has been relighted.

On the way back we took a little time to look at Compton Commons (a post office, general store and a diner). It is very quaint New England. We also stopped at Greys Ice Cream Parlor. They make all their ice cream and is touted to have the "worlds best" coffee ice cream. Marie told me that it was up there with the best she has ever had. I tried the butterscoth and was disapponted.

All in all, it was a great way to spend the morning, and yes, we were glad we had warm coats.


Nancy said...
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Anonymous said...

My husband & I are setting out today for Sakonnet Light House. We are what I called "light house hunters". Thanks for your post, it helped me come up with a plan for the drive (I also love old stone walls).