Saturday, November 04, 2006

Old habits

My last two vehicles came equipped with auto locking doors and auto lights on at dusk. My new Honda Odyssey does neither. We blissfully ride with doors unlocked as we seem never to remember to push the button.

Last night as I pulled away from my sister-in-laws, I mentioned that the dash was dark. My wife told me that the headlights were probably not on. Yep! Old habits are hard to break.

However, this car has a most aggravating chime every two minutes if the seat belt is not fastened forcing me to finally wear the damn thing. So I guess I'm safer as I head down the road in the dark with the doors unlocked.


Amy Hood said...

I'm glad all three of you had a good time in Maine. I can't visit grandma until Nicholas is better, and I'm thinking we're not all three going to be healthy at the same time anytime soon. Crossing my fingers though.
As for locks, we never lock them, not in the driveway either. I don't think the deer and turkeys want anything from the car...

Jill said...

I really like reading your blog. You've got a nice way with a story, and that last entry made me laugh out loud. I've never understood how Grandma can eat KFC, obviously I didn't inherit her cast-iron stomach. And without a gall bladder, aren't you supposed to avoid greasy food? Ick. I hope you got Lilia's message last night. She was jumping up and down and wrinkling her whole face up in that impossibly big grin she has. Thanks again for taking her to the parade, You taking her is much better than me, even if I'd been able to do it. See you, Jill.