Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mississippi Gulf Coast - Biloxi

We recently spent several days visiting the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Biloxi was our home base for the week. Almost every building is new since Katrina. The Biloxi Lighthouse took a terrific hit from the storm and many thought it would be lost. However the damage was fixed and it continues to be a beacon it the center strip of route 90 in Biloxi.


Across from the light is the newly rebuilt visitor center. This replaces the old anti bellum building that served as the visitor center that was destroyed. While the new center is beautiful, the prior center had a certain atmosphere that is gone forever.

The water here is very calm. The beach is protected by a barrier island. Below Carol is standing on the boardwalk.

The decision was made not to cut down all the trees that were damaged by Katrina. Instead they were turned into wood sculpture by local artisans.

Sea oats are being planted in several areas along the beach to prevent erosion. Although not pictured several areas of the beach were being groomed by heavy equipment.
 We were blessed with great weather. The first day the temperature reached 80 degrees. We had our dogs with us and they enjoyed walking on the sand.

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