Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ocala, Florida

During the cooler months, Carol and I only travel if the destination is warmer than home. We each had a reason to travel to Ocala, Florida. We had become friendly with the owners of Yards n Yarn when it was located in a nearby town. They moved the business to Ocala for family reasons. The business is prospering due to their hard work and many hours. Pictured is the sign above their store and below that, Carol is with Terri the owner. Carol added to her stash of yarn
 and we enjoyed talking and browsing.

My reason for a visit to Ocala was to visit Big Daddy Don Garlits drag racing museum and the antique car museum on the same property. Generations of drag racers and fans know of Don Garlits. He was not only very successful and holder of many records, he was also an innovator. He developed the protector shield over the transmission housing, the first to place the engine behind the driver.

The museum is filled with drag racing machines including, slingshot dragsters, funny cars, and modified street cars.  There is one room devoted to engines. Below are several pictures taken inside the museum.

We were allowed to bring our dogs into the museum. They seemed to also enjoy the visit and we kept them away from the tires.

We also visited the building devoted to antique cars. The first picture is of a 1940 ford coupe. In my opinion, this is the most beautiful designed automobile.

Below is a picture of a Studebaker. One of the guys in my hometown drove one just like this one. His was more green.

Carol enjoyed the museum as much as I did, and I enjoyed visiting Yards n Yarn. We had a very nice time.

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