Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Badlands

 We were about two hours away from the Badlands. As we were driving, Carol asked me several times, "why are they called the Badlands?". Each time I answered, "you will see."  This is an area devoid of water and with difficult terrain to transverse.  The good news for the early settlers, the Badlands were not very wide and could be avoided.

Traveling in this part of the country, almost requires a stop at Wall Drug. Early on, the owner put up signs promoting stopping for a free glass of ice water. Today it is a sprawling complex selling every thing imaginable. Carol bought herself a cowgirl hat. She is pictured below with her "friend"

Following are several pictures taken during our scenic ride through the Badlands Park.

The scenery was awesome and well worth the time it took us to drive there and back to the cabin.

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