Friday, June 14, 2013

Maxwell Homestead

 The Maxwell Homestead (circa 1840?) is located on what is now Jack Pine Road which is off West Argyle Road. The elevation is just about 5000 feet. This site is at the bottom of a slight hill just below the cabin that we stayed in. Our hosts have tried to find more information about the Maxwell's but so far have been unsuccessful.  We could only imagine the hardships that this family endured to get there and survive for ever how long that they stayed there.

The location is beautiful, but the terrain does not look (to me) suitable for farming. Perhaps they had cattle grazing on the land. However there  is a fairly dense woodland surrounding this site.

Following are pictures of the structure as it looks today. The third picture was taken from the side of our cabin. From the picture you can see the downward slope of the site.

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