Thursday, October 25, 2012


 My mom had once again been in the hospital in Rhode Island and was back in the nursing home. She was slowly adjusting to the realization that this would be her home. She will be 97 on November 11th. I told Carol that I wanted to see her before it got too cold and before the snow flies. We decided that it was best that I do this trip alone. I could cover more miles alone. Carol stayed home with the "boys" our two dogs. I left on a Friday morning and would stop twice on the way up. The earliest I could get into my favorite hotel in Rhode Island was the following Sunday. I did well on Friday and stopped in Lumberton, North Carolina. I prefer to bypass DC, so I leave I 95 in Emporia, Virginia and go towards the coast and cross over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel. There was hardly any traffic on the bridge. No one was behind me, so I stopped and took a picture of The Cape Charles Lighthouse through the passenger window. That picture follows.

I decided to stop early and stay in Chincoteague, Virginia. I wanted to see the wild horses. They were no where to be found. I was told that the local volunteer firemen had rounded them up for the fall checkup by the local vet and were given their inoculations. The horses are usually mad and when released they usually go deep in the preserve and stay there for a while. I did take a nice picture of the Assateague Lighthouse. I was also treated to a magnificent sunset. Those pictures follow. The sunset made up for no horses.

I arrived on the Sunday, and went right to the nursing home. I walked into mom's room and she asked "Is it you Edward?" "Yes, mom, I am your early surprise birthday present." I visited with mom every day and on the Wednesday, I took her to Twin Oaks for lunch. It is her favorite restaurant. She had her fried scallops, mashed potatoes and house salad along with a coke. She loved it. I offered to take her to see dad's grave, but she ran out of gas. Once back in the nursing home, she laid on her bed. I think she was asleep before I covered her with the throw. I managed to see my son and his three girls at one time or the other. He and I had dinner at Ted's Montana grill. I had Yankee bison pot roast. Fantastic! I had dinner twice with my niece, Janine. I managed to have diner at my favorite Portuguese restaurant and two lunches at EATS where I had the wienies. I did take several pictures of foliage. The foliage was past prime and somewhat muted, but it pleased this former Rhode Islander. Below is a representative picture.

Mom usually takes a nap every afternoon. I visited all morning the last day I was there. I told her I would return after lunch. She told me not to as she would be napping. I said I would be back. I did  go and sat with her as she slept. I do believe that the orderly woke us both when he came in with her meds. I sat for awhile and left, telling that the Lord willing, I would see her next summer.

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