Friday, June 04, 2010

My Truck

In 1996 I bought a GMC Sonoma pickup truck. I drove that truck for 8 years. I have wanted another truck ever since. Life style demands dictated that I drive other types of vehicles. I was in Florida for the winter months on the Panhandle when I started with "truck envy". I started seriously looking in November of 2007. Having always been a GM guy I went to the local dealer that sold GM vehicles. I was quite specific about the truck I wanted. Even with a dealer search a truck could not be located. The dealer in Panama City did not want to order. For some reason, I had to take a truck already built. I came back to Rhode Island for Christmas 07 and went to a dealer in Putnam, CT that I had called from Florida. Again I was quite specific about the truck I wanted, it had to be a 2 wheel drive and an extended cab. I was willing to order and pick it up in April. The owner started double teaming me with his brother. A 4 wheel drive truck has better resale, this is snow country you can't have a 2 wheel drive and make it in the winter. I was adamant. Finally he said I will give you this much for your van if you take a truck today and he gave me a very low figure if I ordered and took delivery in 12 weeks later. I left, thinking no wonder GM is in trouble, their dealers stink. Over the next couple of years I would stop at the GM dealer and look at trucks, never finding one I liked or was equipped to satisfy my needs.

Early last may, Carol and I went to get a copy of her daughters birth certificate. She needed this to apply to nursing school. I saw the Ford dealer as we went by and asked Carol if she minded if I stopped on the way home. I was greeted by a salesman as we stepped out of Carol's convertible. After the normal name exchange I said I want extended cab, 2 wheel drive, no black no white. Give me a minute and I'll bring one out here for you. He brought this candy apple red truck out. He asked me if I wanted to drive it. Nope, you drive, I did not want to fall in love with the truck.

We left and I said I would think about it. I told Carol that I wanted to see what the GM dealer had as I was loyal to the brand. I told their salesman the same criteria and they showed me a leftover 2009 truck loaded with extras. It was black. I did drive it, but it was black. They did not even offer to do a dealer search.

Later I went back and drove the Ford. I also walked along the line of new F150's and noted the variety of colors available. We negotiated price and I walked away to sleep on it. I initially called the next morning and said nope. Then Carol talked to me, and I called my son who said buy the truck. I even called my friend who owned a Pontiac dealership for his opinion. He did have a Ford dealership once. I called the Ford salesman and said I was coming to talk. Below is the truck. The matching locking hard tonneau cover had not been installed when the picture was taken.

Carol and I drove the truck to Rhode Island two weeks after I bought it. I love the truck. The ride and comfort meets all my expectations. Besides the cover, I had the bed liner sprayed in and also added a bug shield. As cash permits, dual exhaust will be added. I hope to drive this truck for many years. As luck would have it, this truck has the 6 speed automatic transmission along with the higher output 4.6 engine. A nice combination for power and decent gas mileage.

Every time I start the truck, the digital display flashes "Built Ford tough" and I smile every time as I hear the throaty roar of the exhaust. That is how my neighbor described the sound. He is a truck guy too.

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