Saturday, February 06, 2010

One big step

I have been mulling over a decision to sell my home in Rhode Island over this fall and winter. Prior to leaving last September I talked to several real estate agents. I decided on one and told him we would talk in February. This is the home that Marie and I had built. Our styles were included in the design and decor. We moved into this home in November 1968. Our second and third children were born while we lived here. It is a great neighborhood. The school system was more than adequate. All three went on to college. I have been blessed with great neighbors. This is the home where I became a care giver as Marie fought her unsuccessful battle with cancer.

My life has taken a new turn. I am remarried to another wonderful gal and I am spending more and more time in the home that Carol and I bought together in Florida. I feel it is a shame for such a nice home in a good neighborhood to be vacant. In the back of my mind I am always wondering if the heat is working, is the house safe?

A few days ago I spoke to the realtor and I agreed that the house would be listed. Today I took the big step and signed all the papers. They will be in the mail Monday. I know its a tight market, but I am optimistic. I don't need to sell so I can endure the long haul. I will still spend time in New England. My three children and eight grandchildren live there.

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