Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Am I losing it?

On June 18Th I wrote two checks. One for Marie's first month on the Medicare part D for script coverage. The second for my monthly Blue Cross Medi-gap coverage. One was mailed to Kentucky, and mine was mailed locally. On June 20Th I received a letter from the local Blue Cross office stating that no check was received in the envelope. Did I put both checks in the envelope to Kentucky? Did I forget to write that check? Am I losing all powers of concentration as I care for my wife as she fights illness? All these questions nagged at me. I called them and they assured me that they are careful and no error could have occurred on their part. I decided not to put a stop payment on the check. I was not going to pay a fee to the bank. No one but Blue Cross could cash it. I would, therefore wait until the end of the month (after social security arrived) to re-write a check.

Almost every morning, while I wait for Marie to awake, I check credit card transactions and my checking account. This morning I discovered that the missing check cleared during the night. I called Blue Cross to insure that my account was properly credited and the phone was answered by a friendly voice who readily checked and verified my account was up to date. That is when I related my story and the letter. Then the tone became defensively polite.

I knew I wrote the check and sent it in the proper envelope. Vindication is mine!

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