Monday, June 25, 2007

An Act of Kindness

My medical plan offers a mail order script program. We get three months quantity and pay two months co-pay. This over time generates some savings. The company also offers an over the counter selection. My wife and I like their Senior Vitamin brand and have been using it for the last few years. Recently, I ordered another bottle of vitamins. I received notification that the order was received, saw that my credit card had been charged, but never received shipping notification. I made a mental note to call and check, but never did as I have more important things on my mind.

Last Wednesday, I received a phone call and a woman in haltingly English with a heavy oriental accent, asked me if I was so and so. Yes, I replied why do you ask? She replied" I have your vitamins, I mail to you". I told her she was very sweet and caring but should not have to use her money to fix a corporation error. I told her I would call the company and they would sent me another and she could keep the vitamins. I asked where she was calling from? Long Beach, California. Once again I told her to keep the vitamins. I called the company and they told me a replacement had been shipped UPS, and they did not know where the first shipment was. Last Friday, I received the vitamins from Long Beach in the mail, an hour later, UPS delivered the second bottle.

I am very impressed with the kind lady in Long Beach. Sunday, I went and bought a mailer. I retired from a well known pen manufacturer. Wednesday, a very nice pen will be on its way to Long Beach. An act of kindness brightened our day.


amy said...

Remember how we got two pens when we closed on our house, one for the selling Realtor and one for the gentleman from the oil company who shoveled our steps before we moved? The oil company gentleman is the same person who came out to take measurements to give us a chimney estimate, and he still has the pen in his pocket. "Remember this?" he asked. I sure do.

Mayda said...

Great work.