Saturday, February 03, 2007

January Sucked

I am glad January has departed. Marie started chemo for the second time in three years on the second. Once again her body is slowly being assaulted. As the drug kills (hopefully) the cancer cells, her white blood cells are killed also, contributing to her fatigue and lowering her resistance to germs. Her spirit remains strong and she has completed each treatment as scheduled.

My mom is no longer able to live alone. Her heating system is an oil fired steam contraption that I do not understand. I have been taking turns checking on the house and baby sitting the furnace repair person. This system periodically quits. First too much water and we had to drain it. Then too little water. It was only a matter of time before it failed and a pipe burst. The damage has been repaired and the house is back on the market at a realistic price. The oil guy says it won't happen again. Maybe my mom will start sleeping now.

Marie ran the self cleaning oven and when it was done, one top burner would no longer light. I was using matches to light it. They are less expensive than a repair person. I was visiting my brother in law and mentioned this. Find out if she cleaned the top burner he said. She probably blocked the small hole where the ignigter is located. I asked Marie and sure enought she used an SOS pad there. I took the unit apart and blew out the burner unit. Aha! It now works.

Finally, this is my fault. I was bragging at the local gas station that my 2001 Bonneville was the most perfect car that I have ever owned. Well a couple of days later the "Service Security System Soon" light came on. The local Pontiac dealer tells me that if the security system fails the car will quit running. I have an appointment and the Bonnie is sitting until then. He gave a ball park of $350.00

Yep, I'm glad January is over. At least February is short.

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