Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pennsylvania Dutch

 We went to Rhode Island this past September to visit family. Carol had never been to Pennsylvania Dutch. We stopped there for a few days before we went to Michigan to visit more family. The Amish farms are so neat and perfectly laid out. Following are two pictures of a typical farm in Lancaster County.

We were told that the Old Country Store in Intercourse was the best place to check out hand made quilts. We arrived there a few minutes before the store opened. I was able to take the following picture of a local Amish horse and buggy. The Amish do not like having their person photographed, but the buggy was OK. They actually move at a good pace. All their horses are really very beautiful.

The Old Country Store. If you check out the bottom of the sign, it advertised the fabric sale. It seems like fabric was on sale everywhere that day.

I was thinking of purchasing a local hand made Amish quilt. We looked at several designs. I liked this quilt as I felt the colors were bright and also happy colors. I felt it depicted how I feel - happy. Picture below is that quilt on our bed here in Florida.

The following picture was taken in one of the several fabric stores that Carol visited during our stay. Needless to say, she added considerably to her fabric stash. She has several projects planned.

We wanted to eat in a typical local restaurant. We were pointed to Good and Plenty. The food was exceptional both in quality and quantity.

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