Thursday, May 23, 2013

Custer State Park, South dakota

 Admission to the park is $15.00 and it is good for 7 days. The first time we went into the park we saw a few buffalo bulls grazing. We went back two days later. We were rewarded. The herds were close to the road and we were able to not only view the animals close up, we got some great pictures. The buffalo mamas are very protective of their calves. You would never get between a mother and calf. We watched several cross the road. An approaching car slowed but did not stop soon enough  and the mother moved so her body was between the car and baby. We saw over 599 buffalo, including about 200 calves. It was just awesome. Gizmo and Pillo remained in the cabin.

This little guy seemed all tuckered out.

There were a number of antelope throughout the park.

The mules were once used in the construction of local roads. Once the project was complete they were released in the park. They are very tame and are the only
animals in the park that folks are allowed to feed.