Monday, June 11, 2012

Columbia River Gorge - Lewis & Clark

As we visited the Columbia River Gorge, we came upon many sites that paid homage to Lewis and Clark and their exploration as they searched for a route to the Pacific Ocean.

Clark liked to hike and climb the highest point to survey the land. The peak below was one such point. From that highest point he saw a snow capped mountain and named it Mt. Jefferson in honor of the president. The land is now private and not available for the public to climb.

 The next three picture are the signage describing Clark and what he saw.

 From this vantage point , one could see MT. Hood in the distance and below was a rail road yard. We saw many trains while we were out west, some over a mile long.

 A closer shot of MT. Hood.

The Columbia River Gorge visit had been a dream of mind for many years. When I decided to actually fulfill my dream, Carol asked if we could see the Redwoods and so we did. We had planned on seeing Yellowstone before returning home. Quite frankly, I ran out of gas. We decided to slowly head home to Florida when we left Hood river, Oregon.  It was a great trip and except for the collision with a rather large bird and my windshield in the Blue Mountains in Oregon, uneventful.

By no means are our travels over for this year. We have a family function in Massachusetts soon and one in Michigan in August.