Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pillo's Travelin' Pet Seat

Pillo, Carol's almost two year old Chihuahua has gotten used to riding in her lap. A practice Carol began immediately when she got him. We are planning several long road trips this year. Carol decided that she did not want to hold him all the time. Easter Sunday we went to Tallahassee for Easter dinner. Carol decided that Pillo would ride in his crate bed there. He screeched and howled for the first 40 minutes before he fell a sleep. Probably from exhaustion or maybe he understood when I told Carol that the two of them could be standing on the side of route 20.

Carol did research on the internet and purchased a seat / bed with a 3 point harness. It arrived today and we took the boys for a ride, Pillo in his bed and Gizmo loose in the back seat next to Pillo. It was much better than the crate and his displeasure was not as loud and was short lived.

Pictured below is strapped in his new "travelin'" bed. Carol wants him to get used to being in it. He will get several rides in the local area before we head out for our spring adventure.

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Jill said...

My boss's dog wears a 3-point harness that's attached to a dog chair that gets seat-belted into the passenger seat. It sits him up high enough to see out the window.