Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Puppy Bath Day

Our dogs need to have their baths weekly and some times more often. Gizmo, my Yorkie seems to need baths more often. Terriers are known for rooting into underbrush, deep grass and any place else he can stick his snout. Once in a while I will take him to a dog friendly beach where he loves to run along the surf and burrow his snout into the sand and often misjudging the incoming waves. He is quickly bathed upon arriving home. Carol feels if Gizmo is going to be bathed, then Tiny the 18 year old chihuahua will also get done at the same time along with Pillo the 9 month old chihuahua. Gizmo does not like his face washed, Tiny does not like getting wet and Pillo fights the whole time. Carol told me washing a 10 pound cat is easier than washing Pillo. Pictured below are the "boys" wrapped in their towels as they were removed from the bath.

Gizmo's face and eyes says it all. He always has this irritated look after his bath.

Pillo is just happy to be done with the water part.

Tiny is happy the wet part is done. He seems to like being wrapped up and held. He has a contented look.

After they are towel dried they find their favorite spot to recover from what they perceive as an ordeal. Tiny likes to burrow into a soft blanket.

Pillo loves to be held by Carol.

Gizmo has his afghan on his favorite chair.

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