Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ramblings from Panama City Beach

The weather has turned "chilly" by local standards. The sun is out but the temps only managed to climb into the high 50's today. I'm still in short sleeves and shorts. I will admit that the wind can bite the skin.

Carol and I are back riding our bikes. Riding into the wind today provided a good workout.

Gizmo - ahh Gizmo. A few weeks ago we came back home and found dark Hershey Kisses paper on the floor. Apparently Gizmo got up on the dining room table and ate some. We called the Vet and have been watching him closely. We figured we were out of danger when we discovered his morning deposit was bloody. We immediately called our Vet and we took him in this past Tuesday. Gizmo had colitis. We got him back today. He is on a strict diet and we need to watch him. It may not have been the chocolate. I may have caused the problem when I gave each dog a piece of cured ham. There will be no more table scraps. Even the doggy bone treats have to be a certain type. At least both dogs like the special dog food that that Gizmo must eat.

When we leave the house we must first Gizmo proof it. Bedroom doors are closed. Dining room chairs tilted towards the table. The breakfast bar stools are pushed in as far as possible. The butter dish, and any current fresh baked cookies are placed on top of the refrigerator. Laptops are folded shut. There are times when I think he is a mountain goat rather than a small Yorkie.

We renewed our yearly pass to the Florida State Parks. A bargain in my opinion. We regularly visit about five parks on the Panhandle and plan on seeing more this winter. We must go into St. Andrews State Park at least ten times a month.

We are starting to see more cars from Quebec, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. I even saw one from Maine today. We stopped at the Condos and visited with Jay and Dixie from Michigan who came down for December 1st.

The waitress at the Pickle Patch referred to me as a "local yokel". Carol assures me my Northern accent is intact y'all.

I need some gift cards and I will be done Christmas shopping. The Christmas cards are mailed!

Tonight is the HOA monthly meeting. This will be our second. I'm sure Palm Cove will continue on in spite of the group that is in charge. They are nice folks trying to do good. . . but you can't please everyone. It seems most people who are there have an agenda of their own. I have no agenda. I like my street, my neighbors and when I go to bed it is quiet here. My lawn is nicely groomed and the trash is picked up twice a week. Soon my house will be power washed. They are one street away this week.

As the crow flies, I am less than a half mile from the water. Yesterday we could hear the surf from our driveway. We went to watch the power of mother nature. With the dark stormy sky and the pounding water, just awesome.

The time is flying, I can't fathom that we have been here two and a half months already.

My son and his girls will be at Disney a week from tomorrow. I am planning a quick trip to see them for an afternoon. Carol will spend the time with her daughter.

I love all the palm trees that are decorated for Christmas and NO I will not miss snow.

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