Thursday, November 05, 2009


There was a news item on the local news station that a woman had surrendered a number of Chihuahuas. So yesterday we went to the Bay County Animal Control Center. We went to see if we could get a short haired Chihuahua. There was one left but he apparently had bitten one of the inmates who are on work release. As we walked around the numerous cages we saw this very sad looking Yorkie. We saw several varieties of small dogs , yet we gravitated back to this Yorkie who would not move off his mat in the back of the cage. An animal officer walked by and we asked about him. She told us that he was not very social. I noted that he had not bitten anyone and could we hold him. She got him out and handed him to Carol and we held him. He was and is very thin. We found out that he is four years old and his original owner gave him up as she was moving. He had been in the shelter since October 27th. Yesterday was his 8th day. We borrowed a leash and took him for a walk. He seemed happy to be outside. When we returned I filled out an application. They tested him for heart worm which was negative. Then they gave him his shots and we got a free card to get him his rabies shot at a local vet. He had no hesitation and jumped right into the car. He seemed happy. We stopped at a Pet Supermarket and bought new collars and matching leashes for Gizmo and Tiny. New dishes and a crate for Gizmo. I took the above picture as soon as we got home and just before Carol gave him his welcome to us bath. That collar was trashed.

He is trained and likes to go out for walks. It appears that he has never had dry dog food. We soaked some dry food with home made chicken soup with a little chicken and small pieces of carrot. That he ate, but not the dry. Tiny seems thrilled to have a playmate and they are bonding and were sleeping on the same throw for a while. This morning he finally broke down and ate the food that was left in his dish. I think that us getting him to a better diet will take time. We did get him his rabies shot this morning.

We also drove back out to the shelter to return the leash. I asked the officer how long they keep the animals before they are put to sleep. She told me Gizmo was on the list for last night. It seems eight days is the magic number. Carol and I believe that Gizmo is social, but we think he was grieving at the loss of the only master that he had known. He is no longer shaking when we hold him and seems relaxed. He will sit on command and stay for a wee bit. We are gently breaking him of jumping on the furniture. He seems to know what "no" means and he jumps right down. We went to the market and when we returned he was so excited to see us.

During the time that we were in the shelter we were both surprised at how many dogs are being surrendered. Most say they are moving and can't keep the dog. We suspect that some of the folks we saw just cannot afford them any longer.

As the saying goes "Gizmo fell in S*%t and came out smelling like a rose. "

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