Saturday, September 15, 2007

Direct TV

When my wife went into the nursing home, the staff person directed me to Direct TV as the recommended supplier. I wanted to be able to have a connection for my wife to watch or listen to her beloved Red Sox. When I called, I made it quite clear that this was a month or two connection, three months if I was lucky while my wife was in the nursing home. At no time did this person tell me that I needed to commit to a year contract. The installer came, said nothing and left no paper work. I was quoted a monthly cost of $41.00. I cared not that the invoice was for $61.00 as my wife was slowly slipping away from me. In less than 30 days my wife lost her battle with cancer. I called to cancel the service and was told by a less than diplomatic man that I was obligated to pay a year fee for the converter. I explained the reason for the cancellation and that this was a nursing home, etc. Well he said you will be billed. Shortly thereafter, I received the invoice. Once again I called, and this time I encountered a more sympathetic person, who directed me to sent a copy of the bill and a copy of the death certificate to an address in Colorado. I did this immediately two weeks ago.

You can imagine my ire when I discovered Direct TV charged my credit card for the full amount. I then sent an email to my entire address book detailing my feelings regarding Direct TV. To add insult to injury, yesterday, I received a notice that if I did not pay immediately I would be charged $5.00 late fee. I immediately called, was on hold for 10 minutes, and fortunately was answered by a kind person. After listening to me tell her what I thought of her greedy unethical corporation, I did tell I realized she was a telebank operator, and irate people like me never get to talk to real management. She did tell me that the paperwork I sent may take 6 to 8 weeks to be entered into the system and that I "probably" will be refunded.

Time will tell. However, if I ever move to an area where it is Direct TV or nothing....It will be nothing, even if they give me back the money.

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