Saturday, May 26, 2007


Every time the price of gas rises to a new high, the local news stations and the spokesman for AAA tell us to inflate our tires, change the air filter, tune up the car. Yeah right!

For once I would like the news anchor to tell drivers to be considerate. If you are first in line at a red light PAY ATTENTION! Don't sit there dialing your phone or fixing your hair in the mirror or whatever else you are doing when the light turns green. Every car behind you is idling away gas. Use your signals, if you are going to make a left turn...SIGNAL. Maybe I can make my turn and be on my way. The news anchors will never say these things because they may antagonize a listener and lose ratings.

Another item on my rant...they keep saying that people have not cut back on their driving. Why should we? I notice that NASCAR and the Indy 500 are going to run their races. The presidential candidates fly all over the country in chartered planes. No sporting event has been cancelled because of the high gas prices. Public transportation (save a few cities) is poor. I do feel badly for the working men and women who are on the lower end of the pay scale. The price of gas sucks up a significantly higher percentage of their income than the high end earners.

Many years ago when the first crunch occurred (1973) I was in my MBA program when the instructor asked how high we thought gas would be. I was the only one who guessed over 50 cents. I said I would see $2.00 in my lifetime. I also said I would never pay over $10,000. for a car. Oh well!

As for me, I will pay whatever it takes to get my Marie to her weekly treatments. I am planning a weeks trip to Michigan in August. I have budgeted $4.50 gallon.

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